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Luke 5:37;  And no one puts new wine into old wineskins;

At New Wine Health and Wellness we offer education and simple micro nutritional alternatives to enhance the health and life for all people seeking to bring their body back into balance.

To ensure everyone understands that health and diseases are determined, not at the level of organs, but at the level of millions of cells composing the body.

To spread the message that vitamins and other essential nutrients are the solution to degenerative disease.

Finally, to invite all to join this mission to improve your own health, to help your family, friends and colleagues and to start building this new “Self Care” system in your communities.


Our approach to achieving balance includes a combined collaboration with three of the most innovative companies in America.

35 for Life!



To understand wellness, it helps to think of yourself as a team made up of several members.  For the team to be effective each member must have it's needs met and must work in harmony with the other team members.  These aspects of yourself are:

Mental HealthEmotional HealthPhysical Health
Your ThoughtsYour FeelingsYour Body

Financial Health Spiritual Health
Your IncomeYour Spirit

New Wine will team with you to determine your personal wellness goals and changes necessary to achieve them.  Wellness is defined by you;  it's your choice!

  About Us

  AllenParson.jpgI am a graduate of Winston Salem State University, with a BS in Recreational Therapy and committed to teaching people the best methods to create a healthier life.  Over the past 12 years, I have found purpose in coaching people of all ages on various swimming techniques, including, but not limited to stroke improvement and strength training through water cardio.  After falling ill with a chronic fatigue syndrome disorder in 2005, I was led to my recent endeavor into health and wellness.  I became interested in natural health after meeting Dr. Adel Nuridden and after making a full recovery with his teaching of micronutrients, my belief in natural healing was cemented.  In early 2019, after losing many friends from degenerative diseases, I became inspired to refocus my life towards sharing information about the life changing benefits of vitamins and other natural health approaches.  I proclaim the 21st century as the “Century of Eradicating Degenerative Diseases” and invite everyone to join in on winning one of the greatest victories of mankind.

  *I am not a licensed physician, nor am I involved in the diagnosis or treatment of disease.


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